Madagascar Medical Expeditions

Snails snails snails

16th-21st June 2019 After a quick overnight stop in Marofatsy, we continued the rest of our 25km trek to Betampona. We were greeted in Betampona with a lovely reception from the school teachers, headmaster, local doctor and village… Read More

Moving it in Marolambo

Written by Caitlin and Heather Madex work is finally underway. After being greeted with a wonderful meal cooked by Madame Chez Martin herself, we have all settled well in Marolambo. Yesterday was the first day spent as a… Read More

Top times in Tana

So today’s the day!! The rest of the team will fly out to Marolambo to meet the other 5 who flew out yesterday. The last few days have been busy for us all. We have had several meetings… Read More