About Us

Madex is an organisation set up by students which runs yearly expeditions to research and treat Schistosomiasis in remote Madagascar. The team works in the Marolambo region, which lies along the Nosivolo River. Schistosomaisis is a parasitic disease with a huge social and economic burden. Works closely with Durrell Organisation.

The Team

Dr Stephen Spencer

Stephen is a Bristol based doctor. He founded the Manchester University Expedition Society and Madagascar Medical Expeditions (MADEX). He has been expedition medical officer/leader on trips through the Bornean, Amazonian, Madagascan and Indonesian rainforests. Stephen was winner of the Scientific Exploration Society Rivers Award 2016, as well as the University of Manchester Volunteer of the Year Award.

Dr James Penney

James is a junior doctor who graduated from the University of Manchester in 2017. He has helped design and lead the Madex project and has been involved in all Madex expeditions since 2015. He was part of the team that won the University Making a Difference Award for Social Responsibility, and has led the planning of research methods and international communications throughout

Mr Cortland Linder

Cortland is a junior doctor and surgical trainee. He graduated from the University of Manchester, where he became involved in Madex. He has helped design and lead the team for the 2016 and 2017 expeditions, helping investigate schistosomiasis morbidity and treat children in the region. His main interest is in planning and analysing the research components of the project.

Dr Hannah Russell

Having trained at the University of Manchester Hannah is now working as an junior doctor in Oxford. Hannah is a founder of Manchester University’s first Expedition Society and a pivotal member of the Madex team, having joined both the 2015 and 2016 expeditions. She has helped pioneer the use of portable ultrasonography to assess schistosomiasis in the field

Dr Kate Hyde

Kate is a junior doctor from the University of Manchester who joined the team in September 2016. She has helped plan and lead multiple expeditions over the last 4 years. Along with Madex she is a keen member of the Manchester Wilderness Medicine Society and the Oldham Moutain rescue team all of which help to get her out of the concrete jungle of Manchester on a regular basis.

Dr Jemima Henstridge-Blows

Jemima is a junior doctor who was helped lead the 2017 expedition. She studied medicine at St Andrews University and Manchester, before moving to Cornwall to work as a doctor. Jemima has a keen interest in paediatrics and has helped design, deliver and assess a specialised schistosomiasis education program in the region

Dr Isla Young

Isla attended medical schools at the Universities of St Andrews and then Manchester, graduating in 2014. In addition to joining several Madex expeditions, she has gained experience of both clinical and public health medicine whilst working in rural settings in Zambia and Nepal. She has worked with children of different abilities and languages across the world. Isla is currently a GP trainee in Bristol.

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