Reflections on the River

I was sad to see Hannah and Steph go. They have been extraordinary members of the team and we all felt a little bit empty after they left. However, our schedule was tight and researched continued, while we slowly settled into Vohidamba. One of the most common topics of discussion during these weeks has beenContinue reading “Reflections on the River”

Campfire songs and Culinary discoveries

Woke early and walked to Marofatsy’s water source; a longitudinally-cut piece of bamboo used as a half-pipe to create a ‘tap’ from the slow stream running near the village.  I enjoyed the walk to get water as it was a opportunity to take in the beautiful views.  Met an elderly lady washing her clothes there and marvelledContinue reading “Campfire songs and Culinary discoveries”

Blessings from Marolambo

I write from Marofatsy in the district of Marolambo, Madagascar. James and Corty are analysing faecal samples under the microscope by candlelight. The  night air of the rainforest is humid there is a damp smell to match. Cicadas buzz smoothly in the background, whilst ‘Blame it on the Weatherman’ (by B*Witched) is playing from ourContinue reading “Blessings from Marolambo”

Taxis and tribulations

Madex2016 Madex2016 Blog I’m writing from the balcony of our hotel Tana-Jacaranda, with a delicious cup of Malagasy coffee, using our first free morning of the week to update the blog. It’s warm, breezy, rumbling with traffic from the cobbled streets below. There is a beautiful hazy view, framed by giant bamboo and jacaranda trees,Continue reading “Taxis and tribulations”

Madex 2016

Dr Stephen Spencer and Manchester medical students James Penney and Cortland Linder hope to return to Madagascar. Having identified the extreme prevalence of Schistosomiasis within the communities, they would examine the morbidity of the disease more fully. Additionally, the team will initiate educational programs and investigate local health beliefs, water contact behaviour and barriers to disease control toContinue reading “Madex 2016”