No 2: Kicking Back in Tana Jac

First few days in Madagascar:

Following our arrival in Antanarivo, Madagascar, there has been much work in preparing for the trip ahead. In this period we have had meetings with the Ministry of Health, Durrell foundation and with the Malagsy medical team. All these meetings have proven successful gaining full approval and signatures from the ministry of health where Durrell was very helpful in providing useful contacts and support from them.

We are being joined by Dr Alain, Manou and Anjara for the first half of the trip and Gina and Amorya for the second. Dr Alain is the clinical lead for tropical disease in University Hospital Antanarivo and has worked with the Madex team since the beginning of the project. The rest of the Malagsy team is a mixture of medical students and qualified doctors; we hope each of these members will bring additional skills and qualities to the team.

Now we prepare on our final day in Antanarivo, with today’s tasks including: packing of bags, final printing and signing of documents and collection of final provisions.

Setting of for our MAF flight out to Marolambo will bring a different pace and change in routine as we will be away from infrastructure of sanitation and technology. Here’s to an exciting next few weeks!IMG_0603IMG_0156IMG_0126IMG_0127IMG_0751IMG_0752

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