No 6: Schisto Shenanigans

The lack of wifi, continual rice and stunning scenery can drive people slightly mad sometimes. Thought we’d share a few of our creations – think it’s pretty obvious which ones we were delirious during the makings of!




Bleep… Missing out on sleep
Bleep… Topping up the deet
Bleep… Children run and leap
Bleep… Vampire blood we keep
Bleep… Chickens head and beak
Bleep… Climbs and bridges steep
Bleep… Rivers running deep
Bleep.. Drums beat
Bleep.. Baby weep
Bleep.. Roll mats leak
Bleep.. Bites seep
Bleep.. Wood creaks
Bleep.. Flip flops squeak
Bleep.. Latrines wreak
Bleep. Deet
Bleep. Leap
Bleep. Keep
Bleep. Steep
Bleep. Deep
Bleep. Weep
Bleep. Sleep
Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleeeeeeeep


written early morning from the banks of Marofatsy

The puffs roll, steam silently
Curling wisps over The Body
Blemishing the palette vert into an opaque abyss…

Ribbons of liquid gold fiercely summon the soldiers of soleil to lift the duvet from the powerful Beast…

Pipe cleaners, brushes and feather dusters stencil the silhouette of the waves of emerald, military and malachite shades, which define the omnipotent Thread…

The body. The beast. The thread. Sits innocently dodging the waves of the valley. The engine house for the civilisations which cling to every ripple as if taking their last drop…

Sitting along its’ banks a cacophony echoes in this natural flowing amphitheatre..

The purr of the crickets play the crescendo vivaciously, whilst the distant cockerel blasts the vibrato. The whisper of the leaves take the pianissimo while the sweet melodies of the Myan sing the dolce of course.. Man beats the rhythmic bass of the drum..

We decorate our protagonist, our ancient friend and foe which parts the land. Housing creatures so distinct to this red island, it welcomes them all.

The body. The beast. The thread which sets the clock, the natural rhythm which defines the health and wealth of all the folk along its course… Nosivolo. Nosvulu. Our river. Our home.


Doxy dreams (to the tune of My Favourite things from the Sound of Music)

Scones and thick cream with fresh strawberry jam Chicken and stuffing and honey smoked ham

Feta and Stilton and cheddar and Brie with crackers for crunch and pour me some tea

when the bugs bite when the loos stink when I’m smearing poo I simply remember my doxy dreams and then I don’t feel so blue.

Chocolate and cake and marshmallows too these what I dream of when I need the loo

Mountains of crumble till I go pop as long as I don’t need the smelly longdrop

when the bugs bite when the loos stink when I’m smearing poo I simply remember my doxy dreams and then I don’t feel so blue.

Haddock and chips and sweet, mushy peas; bangers and mash and a cold pint oh please!

Moules mariniere and lemon meringue pie, trifle and jelly I will also try.

when the bugs bite when the loos stink when I’m smearing poo I simply remember my doxy dreams and then I don’t feel so blue.

Now for potatoes boiled, roasted or fried- croquette or crushed or mashed on the side. Dauphinois, baked or parmentier at least it’s not rice I don’t really Care!

when the bugs bite when the loos stink when I’m smearing poo I simply remember my doxy dreams and then I don’t feel so blue.


Searching for schisto- a birthday sea shanty to the tune of The Retirement Song by the Longest Johns

We’re crossing rivers in a boat
And hope to god that we can float
Keep paddling Celeste!

Whilst we tremble in this slim parog
We’d rather this than rabid dogs
Don’t bite me here!

Oh Celestin we do love you
Without you there’d be no kundru
Please stay for next year!

The midwives gone so Manou’s sad
But we’ve got beans so it’s not all bad
He’s staying with her

Moana no it’s Aryan
A girls scout she don’t need no man
She’s staying right here

We are waking down the river
We are sleeping in the trees
We are searching wherever the schisto maybe
We can handle pots of poo
We can do microscopy
Coz a bowl full of rice is all we need!

Our beds are full of bugs and rats
And many holes are in our mats
What’s that squeaking I hear

Oh how we like those long johns jemz
But will they fit with all those nems?!
What’s the weight limit again?!

We tried to find a rhyme with Gina
But all we got was cafe ampina!
We’ll try better next year…

Our trusty medic is Dr Isla
With housing stress she’s still a smiler
We’ll all move there!

Microscopy by candlelight
There’s so much poo it’s a delight
Don’t spill the pee


With braided locks its Kate the Orc
At least she nailed ‘gassy for fork
Not quite fluent yet!

Corty went to the loo one night
And dropped his phone right in the shite
It’s staying right there!

Its rice for breakfast lunch and tea who wants some tatties?! Me me me!
But it’s not gonna be

The kids they stare both day and night
I’m counting down till my next flight
I ain’t staying right here!


We love to eat at chez Martin
Of brochettes we are such a fan!
200 more please!!

Steve ol boy its down to you
Though Madagascar makes you poo
You shouldn’t stay right here

What’s this itching in my feet?!
I’ve been so careful with the deet!
There’s a jigger in there!


Semima the Madagascan dove
We wish you a happy birthday love
Madex loves you!!IMG_0890

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